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8 Bit Chiptune



“Working with Bert is easy, he works fast, and creates excellent Original Soundtracks that my players and I love! I’m so lucky to have him as a composer. The music is just so fitting and SO GOOD!

– Zuurix, Developer of Sector Six and Light of the Locked World

“Bert is an awesome composer! He did such a great job on our game. He quickly captures the needs and mood of the game with a rare finesse. This leads to amazing compositions I never tire of listening to. And most of all, he has this creative energy, joy and enthusiasm that he passes on to others. It was a real pleasure to work with him and I hope we will work again together. In the meantime, I can only highly recommend him for any of your projects because, trust me, he IS the composer you need!”

-DantonSlip, Game Artist and Developer of The Fracture and Cerbirds

Bert has a musical talent unparalleled in the indie space, and you’d be a fool not to use his work in your next game. A kind, communicative, understanding individual with loads of personality and great ideas to boot. You will not be disappointed!

-Jonathan Ribarro, Developer of Altidudes and Playback Trauma: The Beach

I’m happy to recommend Bert Cole as a composer; a pleasure to communicate with and he delivered a tune for my game that fit the style far more than I imagined it would!

Lucy Gross, Developer of FlatScare

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Bert is an exceptionally hard working, industrious and collaboratively focused individual. All these traits shine in his compositions, which contain a wide range of styles and colors. But most importantly, they showcase a strong sense of melody and his love for gaming. I’d highly recommend him to any developer needing a great soundtrack.”

-Tyler Mire, Game Developer with Something Classic Games (

“Bert is an exceptional composer, and I wholeheartedly recommend him. The tracks he made for us fit extremely well for our game, and he made two in one day’s time!”

– Swapnil, Developer and Artist of Sonzai

Selected Gaming Credits:

Magic of Spring – Zuurix (2022 TBA) – Lead Composer and Sound Design

Playback Trauma: The Beach – RIDENTEM (2022) – Lead Composer and Sound Design

Light Of The Locked World – Zuurix (2022 TBA) – Lead Composer and Sound Design

Revita – BenStar (2021) – Voice Actor for Training Dummy

Castle of the Underdogs – House of Pandas (2021) – Contributing Composer

Altidudes – RIDENTEM (2021) – Lead Composer and Sound Design

Shinka – Iggy Ofstie (2021) – Lead Composer

Mario is Doomed – CheezGarlic (2020) – Lead Composer

The Fracture – Akfula, DantonSlip (2020) – Lead Composer

Of A Feather – Karen Morrison (2020) – Lead Composer

Ruby Heist – Sumo Games (2020 TBA) – Lead Composer and Sound Design

Dungeon Hack – Promethean Interactive (2020 TBA) – Lead Composer

Bigfoot Hunting – Enigmatic Cynic (2020 TBA) – Lead Composer

Dreamer – Adam “PixelDough” Worrell (2020) – Lead Composer and Sound Design

FlatScare – Lucy Gross (2020) – Contributing Composer

Sonzai – Two Odd Diodes (2020 TBA) – Contributing Composer

Mad Mosh – khos (2020 TBA) – Contributing Composer

Sector Six – Zuurix (2016) – Lead composer and Sound Design

Virus Jigglin’ Fever – devFluid (2014) – Lead composer and Sound Design

Infect Station – Bit By Bit Games (2014) – Game Development and Audio Design

Toys – Chloe Sagal (2013 – Unreleased) – Lead Composer

Black Knight – LordHannu (2013) – Contributing Sound Design

The Undead Slayer – LordHannu (2012) – Lead Composer and Sound Design

Selected Multi-Media Credits:

“Nostalgic Bits” (EP) Bit By Bit Sound (2018) – Producer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist

“Breaking Point” (LP) Bert Cole (2018) – Producer, Composer, All Instruments

“Try Again” (EP) Bert Cole (2017) – Producer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist

“Complicating Simplicity” (SINGLE) – Bert Cole (2017) – Producer, Composer, Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

“Something I Said” (SINGLE) – Bert Cole (2016) – Producer, Composer, Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

 “There’s A Monster In The Office” -Third Place Productions (48 Hour Film Festival 2014 Entry) – Lead Composer

“Heal While You Sleep” – (2014) – Lead Composer

Geek Smash Podcast – (2014) – Title Theme and Segment Stingers

The Law of One EP – The Aeon Flow (2010) – Lead Composers, Lead Guitar and Back Up Vocals

Three Diddies for Aural Pleasurings– The Aeon Flow (2010) – Lead Composers, Lead Guitar and Back Up Vocals