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About Bert Cole

Bert Cole is a seasoned composer with over 20 years of experience in music composition. He is a graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, and received a Certificate of Musicianship through their Guitar program. As a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, drums, bass and even vocals) Bert is well versed in what makes a great song tick.

Bert’s music can be heard in games such as Crystal Project, Magic of Spring, Sector Six, Castle of the Underdogs, Retaliate and many more!
(See a full list below)

He has an affinity for retro sounds and OSTs from the Golden Era of JRPGs, and has honed his ability to recreate sounds from the 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit eras. His abilities don’t stop there, as he blends classic chiptunes with modern electronic sounds, orchestral and even metal!

He also has way too many cats but he loves them, so it’s fine.

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Check out his full portfolio + sample songs here

“Bert is an exceptionally hard working, industrious and collaboratively focused individual. All these traits shine in his compositions, which contain a wide range of styles and colors. But most importantly, they showcase a strong sense of melody and his love for gaming. I’d highly recommend him to any developer needing a great soundtrack.”

Tyler MireGame developer with Something Classic Games (

“Bert is an awesome composer! He did such a great job on our game. He quickly captures the needs and mood of the game with a rare finesse. This leads to amazing compositions I never tire of listening to. And most of all, he has this creative energy, joy and enthusiasm that he passes on to others. It was a real pleasure to work with him and I hope we will work again together. In the meantime, I can only highly recommend him for any of your projects because, trust me, he IS the composer you need!”

Danton SlipGame Artist and Developer of The Fracture and Cerbirds

“Working with Bert is easy, he works fast, and creates excellent OST that my players and I love! I’m so lucky to have him as a composer. The music is just so fitting and SO GOOD!“

ZuurixDeveloper of Sector Six, Magic of Spring and Light of the Locked World

“I’m happy to recommend Bert Cole as a composer; a pleasure to communicate with and he delivered a tune for my game that fit the style far more than I imagined it would!“

Lucy GrossDeveloper of FlatScare

Selected Gaming Credits:

Magic of Spring – Zuurix (2023 TBA) – Lead Composer and Sound Design

Retaliate – Romans I:XVI Gaming (2023) – Lead Composer

Playback Trauma: In Sickness – RIDENTEM(2023) – Contributing Composer

Crystal Project – Andrew Willman (2022) – Contributing Composer

Erebe – Kadrillage Project (2022) – Lead Composer, Sound Design and Voice Actor

Mage Tower – Heartline Studio (2022) – Contributing Composer

Playback Trauma: The Beach – RIDENTEM (2022) – Lead Composer and Sound Design

Light Of The Locked World – Zuurix (2022 TBA) – Lead Composer and Sound Design

Revita – BenStar (2021) – Voice Actor for Training Dummy

Castle of the Underdogs – House of Pandas (2021) – Contributing Composer

Altidudes – RIDENTEM (2021) – Lead Composer and Sound Design

Shinka – Iggy Ofstie (2021) – Lead Composer

Mario is Doomed – CheezGarlic (2020) – Lead Composer

The Fracture – Akfula, DantonSlip (2020) – Lead Composer

Of A Feather – Karen Morrison (2020) – Lead Composer

Ruby Heist – Sumo Games (2020 TBA) – Lead Composer and Sound Design

Dungeon Hack – Promethean Interactive (2020 TBA) – Lead Composer

Bigfoot Hunting – Enigmatic Cynic (2020 TBA) – Lead Composer

Dreamer – Adam “PixelDough” Worrell (2020) – Lead Composer and Sound Design

FlatScare – Lucy Gross (2020) – Contributing Composer

Sonzai – Two Odd Diodes (2020 TBA) – Contributing Composer

Mad Mosh – khos (2020 TBA) – Contributing Composer

Sector Six – Zuurix (2016) – Lead composer and Sound Design

Virus Jigglin’ Fever – devFluid (2014) – Lead composer and Sound Design

Infect Station – Bit By Bit Games (2014) – Game Development and Audio Design

Toys – Chloe Sagal (2013 – Unreleased) – Lead Composer

Black Knight – LordHannu (2013) – Contributing Sound Design

The Undead Slayer – LordHannu (2012) – Lead Composer and Sound Design

Selected Multi-Media Credits:

“Nostalgic Bits” (EP) Bit By Bit Sound (2018) – Producer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist

“Breaking Point” (LP) Bert Cole (2018) – Producer, Composer, All Instruments

“Try Again” (EP) Bert Cole (2017) – Producer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist

“Complicating Simplicity” (SINGLE) – Bert Cole (2017) – Producer, Composer, Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

“Something I Said” (SINGLE) – Bert Cole (2016) – Producer, Composer, Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

 “There’s A Monster In The Office” -Third Place Productions (48 Hour Film Festival 2014 Entry) – Lead Composer

“Heal While You Sleep” – (2014) – Lead Composer

Geek Smash Podcast – (2014) – Title Theme and Segment Stingers

The Law of One EP – The Aeon Flow (2010) – Lead Composers, Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals