Selected Gaming Credits:

Sector Six – Zuurix (2016) – Lead composer and Sound Design

Virus Jigglin’ Fever – devFluid (2014) – Lead composer and Sound Design

Infect Station – Bit By Bit Sound (2014) – Game Development and Audio Design

Black Knight – LordHannu (2013) – Contributing Sound Design

The Undead Slayer – LordHannu (unreleased) – Lead Composer and Sound Design


Selected Multi-Media Credits:

“Something I Said” (SINGLE) – Bert Cole (2016) – Producer, Composer, Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

 “There’s A Monster In The Office” -Third Place Productions (48 Hour Film Festival 2014 Entry) – Lead Composer

“Heal While You Sleep” – (2014) – Lead Composer

Geek Smash Podcast – (2014) – Title Theme and Segment Stingers

The Law of One EP – The Aeon Flow (2010) – Lead Composers, Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals

Sector Six


The Undead Slayer


Virus Jigglin’ Fever