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Browse through my collection of Premium Quality Royalty Free Music. I’ve carefully crafted these songs to be used across multiple platforms. Once purchased, you own a license to use these in any of your creative projects, whether it be a level in a video game, an intro to your podcast, background music in your YouTube videos, or any other media you see fit.

Each purchase includes 2 formats: .wav and .ogg.
Wav files are the industry standard and recognized by generally all devices. Ogg files are comparable to mp3’s in size, but offer a higher audio resolution. This way your project can sound its best, without bloating the files size too much.

SNES / 16 Bit

Check out this collection of Authentic SNES tunes available at your fingertips. Many of these tracks were inspired by classic tunes of our childhood. See if you can figure out the inspiration for each track!

These tracks can be used in any scenario, but may work best in genres such as JRPGs or Platformers. All tracks were carefully crafted to pay homage to the video game soundtracks that I loved listening to growing up. My aim is to invoke that same feeling in the next generation of gamers.


Time to head to the next town! Gear up and march across the plains with this classic world map theme.

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Factory Fight

Rush through the factory, fend off the machines and defeat the robot master with this high energy track.

[purchase_link id=”2167″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

Mystic Forest

Get lost and learn the secret of the forest with this mystical tune, a perfect track for any old school JRPG.

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Lone Warrior

Lookout – we got a bad*ss over here! This track is great for any game with a Ninja in the wild west.

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Tidal Tribute

Get your feet wet with this royalty free SNES track, ideal for any game about apes in barrels.

[purchase_link id=”2137″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

The Royal Family

The lineage of a powerful family resides within these walls, and it can be felt with this regal track.

[purchase_link id=”2153″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

Dystopian Underground

Whether you are trudging through sewers or trying to meet up with the resistance, this song will have you boppin!

[purchase_link id=”3014″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

Through The Grotto

Be prepared to encounter a ton of bats and rolling rocks whenever you hear a tune like this. Perfect for any dank cave or dark tunnel.

[purchase_link id=”2140″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

Ol’ Man Shopkeep

Upgrade your equipment to this quirky tune. Don’t buy that sword though, you’ll find it in the next dungeon.

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Buy the Bundle and SAVE 40%

Get more bang for your buck by getting 9 songs for the price of 4!

Buy all 9 SNES tunes and SAVE!

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  • Mystic Forest (LOOP)
  • Tidal Tribute (LOOP)
  • Through The Grotto (LOOP)
  • The Royal Family (LOOP)
  • Factory Fight (LOOP)
  • Ol’ Man Shopkeep (LOOP)
  • Onward (LOOP)
  • Lone Warrior (LOOP)
  • Dystopian Underground (LOOP)

$135 value for ONLY $81!

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Chiptune / 8 Bit

Ahh the 80s, where in the world of video games, Nintendo reigned supreme. Where video games could only display 25 colors at once, and when 8 bit chiptune was the soundtrack to our lives. These Royalty Free NES songs keep the spirit of the 80s alive with their authentic sound.

These tracks were created using Famitracker, a program that limits composers to 4 audio channels at once, much like the original NES. Unless of course you use an expansion chip, like Sunsoft (clever girl…).

The Beginning Of Awesome

This game is going to be awesome. How do I know? Just look at that title card! And OMG WOULD YOU JUST LISTEN TO THAT SONG!

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Bits and Coins

A good video game shopping experience depends upon two things; better items available, and great music to browse to.

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Hyperactive Morning

Long drawn out swells, hyper bits and boops, and a latin section at the end. This songs has it all, and it comes in the form of chiptune.

[purchase_link id=”2180″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

Doom and Boom

The boss in your game is no pushover. After all, this is a NES style game right? Play this song and let them know they are screwed.

[purchase_link id=”2188″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

Minor Complications

Things aren’t all sunshine in the NES world. Minor Complications will add the dark broody touch your dark blue levels need.

[purchase_link id=”2183″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

Victory Dance

Let your players know, in no uncertain terms, that “A Winner Is You!” Then hit ’em with this fun Victory Jingle!

[purchase_link id=”2190″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

Walk of Shame

The game over screen. None of us want to see it, but we all do at some point. That’s alright though, at least the music is cool.

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Get the Bundle!

Buy all seven 8-bit /Chiptune tracks for the price of 3 songs.

Bundle Includes:

  • The Beginning of Awesome
  • Hyperactive Morning (LOOP)
  • Minor Complications (LOOP)
  • Bits and Coins (LOOP)
  • Doom and Boom (LOOP)
  • Victory Dance (JINGLE)
  • Walk of Shame (JINGLE)

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$$$ BEST VALUE $$$

The 8 Bit Booster pack has all the music you need for your retro game.

Whether it’s a platformer, a puzzle game, an RPG or something completely different, this music bundle has you covered. Accent your beautiful pixel art with some killer classic 8-bit chiptune sounds!

Bundle Includes:

  • 17 Loopable Tracks
  • 2 Jingles (Victory and Defeat)
  • 2 Formats for Each Song
  • Authentic 8 Bit Sound

All this for only $30

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*These tracks are not sold individually, bundle only.


If you’re in need of something with a more serious tone, check out these premium Orchestral tracks. Your project will have an instant vibe with a powerful symphony orchestra backing it.

These tracks utilize high quality virtual instruments that accurately portray sweeping strings, warm brass, airy woodwinds, booming percussion, and a haunting choir. Make your project feel like a real movie with any of these tunes.

These Are Our Lands

This Song: Brave warrior, you must save our realm from the demons about to destroy us.
Warrior: Hang on, lemme do all these side quests real quick…

[purchase_link id=”2197″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

Midnight Fire Dancer

Whether your player is sitting down for a pint of ale at the tavern, or watching a gypsy dance in the street, one thing is for certain: This song is pretty.

[purchase_link id=”2200″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

Infiltrate and Extract

Huh? What was that noise? Oh, it was just your player donning their sneak suit and bandana, getting ready to crawl through the ventilation shaft. No big deal.

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What’s that? You need something heavy? Well you’ve found the right section. These tracks let people know you mean business. Let’s throw down and get out that pent up aggression!

My primary instrument is guitar, so including these kind of tracks is a no brainer. All guitar and bass tracks were recorded live in my home studio by, well, me!

Survival of the Fittest

When it’s time to battle, you need music that pumps your players up. Proceed with caution, this song goes to 11….out of a possible 5.

[purchase_link id=”2208″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

Skater Hater

If your game is about grinding rails, vandalizing police cars and collecting VHS tapes (for some reason) pick this song up. You won’t regret it.

[purchase_link id=”2210″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

We Workout

At Bit By Bit Sound, we care about antagonists. That’s why we feel their music should be heavy and intimidating, like this song.

[purchase_link id=”2214″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]


Let’s just get silly with things and make a bright, colorful, and wacky game! If you need to accent your projects inner child, consider grabbing one of these tracks. They are sure to lighten any mood.

The combination of real guitars, dinky electronic drums and plastic recorders makes these tracks great for any kind of life sim, or farming game.

A Fresh Start

Sometimes, you just need something crisp and light, like a cool glass of water or a fluffy doughnut. This is what goes through my head when I eat a doughnut.

[purchase_link id=”2217″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

Alien in my Home

Life gets real weird sometimes, like unexpected company coming over, when your favorite coffee shop change hours, or when the theremin kicks in on this song.

[purchase_link id=”2220″ text=”Buy Now” style=”button” color=”orange”]

Licensing Notes:

All tracks are offered on a non-exclusive license. All music is original and composed by Bert Cole.

On purchasing a license i.e. completing the payment process, you can use the music anywhere you like and across multiple projects as long as you adhere to the restrictions outlined below.

Please credit me clearly as the composer wherever the music is used. Credit me as ‘Music composed by Bert Cole’ and include a link to my homepage & Twitter account ( | @BitByBitSound)


Each license and purchase is applicable to one company or one person only. It is forbidden to re-sell any of these works (e.g. as part of a soundtrack or in any other form). It is forbidden to create or sell any derivative works.

Screenshots on this page are property of their respective owners. They are merely used for demonstrative purposes and I am in no way affiliated with the individual IP’s.