8-Bit Booster Pack



This music pack has 17 loopable tracks, plus 2 jingles for victory and defeat, totaling over 16 minutes of authentic 8 bit music suitable for any genre. Whether it’s a platformer, a puzzle game, an RPG or something completely different, this music bundle has you covered.

Accent your beautiful pixel art with some killer classic 8-bit chiptune sounds!

Track List:

  1. Jump and Shoot Man
  2. A Worthy Challenge
  3. We Have New Info
  4. Hurry!
  5. The Threat
  6. The Graveyard
  7. The Laboratory
  8. The Operation
  9. Vast Surroundings
  10. Old Friends
  11. A Hearty Fellow
  12. Prove It
  13. Shopping For The Future
  14. Meeting The Call (Intro and Loop tracks separate)
  15. A Reluctant Hero
  16. In Dire Need
  17. Success
  18. Failure
  19. You Beast!

This music pack is included in the Hot New ULTIMATE Game Music Asset Pack, featuring 200+ tracks across 15 essential video game genres.