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ULTIMATE Game Music Asset Pack

Ultimate Game Music Asset Pack  is exactly what it sounds like. It is one of the worlds largest high-quality original music packs, developed for royalty and copyright free use in video games. Featuring over 200 Tracks across 15 Genres, the music in this pack can be heard in HUNDREDS of games!


Now we’re talking! Once you purchase the Ultimate Game Music Asset Pack, you will receive free updates forever! I’m constantly writing new tracks for this pack (every week in fact), and I release periodic updates several times per year. If you’d like to receive notifications immediately when these free updates launch, join my email list here!


While I try to offer options for every game genre, I know that  this bundle may not be right for every game developer.  So, the Ultimate Game Music Asset Pack specializes in these 6 Styles: RPG/JRPG, Fantasy, Adventure, Action, 8-bit and 16-bit.

If your game falls into one of  (or multiple) of these categories, your  game WILL SHINE with these high quality tracks. If licensed individually, the retail value for this bundle would be  $4000+. Bundled together, you can enjoy this huge collection for less than 2% of that cost!

To top this all off, the ULTIMATE Game Music Asset Pack features ALL the music from my other bundles.


This massive bundle contains multiple hours worth of loops, and is categorized into 15 Genre folders for easy navigation:

  • 8-Bit
  • Combat
  • Dungeon
  • Fun
  • Magical
  • Ominous
  • Overworld
  • Regal
  • Sci-Fi
  • Sentimental
  • Shops
  • Somber
  • Tension
  • Themes (Non-Looping)
  • Towns


  • 202  original high-quality tracks
  • 2 formats for each song: OGG and WAV  (16-bit/44.1 kHZ)
  • 4+ hrs of music
  • 15 essential game music genres
  • 3.36 GB of music
  • Royalty-Free license  FOR LIFE!
  • Free Updates FOR LIFE!


Using over $10,000+ worth of industry standard plugins, sample instruments, software, hardware, and nearly 20 years of production experience, I  strive to  write music that elevates games. I want my music to invoke emotion in players, get stuck in their head, and make them think about your game years after they play it.

After working with dozens of indie game developers, I know one of the biggest issues they face is a tight budget. So while I compose custom music for games, my goal is also to help as many aspiring developers as   I can by providing them high quality   AAA level music for a more than affordable price!

Now ONLY $125

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Licensing Notes:

All tracks are offered on a non-exclusive license. All music is original and composed by Bert Cole.

On purchasing a license i.e. completing the payment process, you can use the music anywhere you like and across multiple projects as long as you adhere to the restrictions outlined below.

Please credit me clearly as the composer wherever the music is used. Credit me as ‘Music composed by Bert Cole’ and include a link to my homepage. A link to my Twitter account is optional. ( | @BitByBitSound)


Each license and purchase is applicable to one company or one person only. It is forbidden to re-sell any of these works (e.g. as part of a soundtrack or in any other form). It is forbidden to create or sell any derivative works.