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Hi! I’m Bert, and I am a video game composer.

If you are like me, you’ve probably started up many projects over the years in a variety of disciplines. You have your forte, but you are not really shy about jumping head first into a skill you know nothing about.

Personally, I’ve tried things like coding, video editing, 3D rendering, 2D animation, graphic design, website building….the list goes on.

While I’m glad that I’ve pushed myself to learn new things, in all honesty, I failed at most of these disciplines.

There have been many times when I sank HOUR UPON HOURS into resolving an issue, only to find the answer by asking someone with more expertise than me.

Let me repeat that: It took me hours of work to NOT fix the issue, where it took an expert a couple of minutes to get the results I needed.

Years of repeating this mistake led me to this powerful life lesson:

It’s better to ask for help when you need it!

I know a lot of game designers like to be a one man army. There have been several developers that have achieved notoriety building an entire game by themselves during this past decade.

Those guys are the exceptions to the rule.

Most games were made by teams. Whether they were large teams or small teams doesn’t matter, the point is that creating a game is a cooperative experience.

It can be scary, I know. Letting other people in to help build YOUR game. After all, it’s your baby! You’ve conceptualized, racked your brain, and poured hours of your time and skills into this, and now someone else is going to get involved?

There is one thing to keep in mind though. Once you’ve shipped, it is no longer just your game. The people who play your game, it’s theirs. The people who love the art style, it’s theirs…and the people who listen to the soundtrack on repeat for years after they stopped playing the game? Yup, it’s theirs too.

You are making your art for your own self expression yes…but ultimately you want to SHARE that expression with the world, so everyone can enjoy. And maybe, just maybe…their lives will be a little more enjoyable while they experience the art that you and several others have labored so passionately towards making.

I understand.

I’m a game composer. A simple traveling bard, looking to join your party.

Let me aid you in your adventure. You have figured out how the game should play and feel…let me figure out how the game should sound.

My goal is to have your players humming tunes from your game to themselves. I want the music to pull them in so much that they can’t help but fantasize about your game all day.

As a game composer, I want to create soundtracks so good that years from now, when they stumble upon the songs again, waves of nostalgia hit them so hard that they scramble to play your game again.

I believe that together, we can achieve this goal, and create something unforgettable for generations to come.

If you are interested in moving forward, but aren’t sure if you want play a co-op game, I offer free 20 minute consultations. We can discuss your games audio needs and I will give you a quote.

Sign up for your Free Consultation Here.

I understand that everyone has a different budget, but I strive to work with all levels of developer. Sign up for your free consultation and we can work together with your budget.

If you’d like to hear some samples of my work, or read some testimonials you can do so here. Or you can skip the line and send me an email directly here.

If you are talented, creative, and passionate about your work, I would LOVE to work with you!

Here’s to many great successes together!