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To start working with me, please fill out this application.

After submitting your application, I will review the information you’ve provided and will respond with a quote shortly after.

After accepting a quote, I will send you a simple contract to sign to ensure all terms agreed upon are on paper. Don’t worry, it won’t be crazy, this is both for your protection and mine.

Once the contract has been signed, I will require a deposit to begin work. The amount will be a % of the total quote.

If you are contracting me for a larger project, and a solid asset list has not already been established, we will work together creating one on Google Sheets. (We’ll use my free checklist.)

You can also send me any reference material at this point.

That’s basically it! I’ll get to work right away once all above steps are done. Upon completing the tracks I will send them to you via email for your approval.

Thanks in advance, and looking forward to working with you.