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Quality Audio for Video Game Design

Bit By Bit Sound is an audio production company for Games, Film, Television, and Digital Media.

Bit By Bit Sound creates, produces, and manages audio content from concept to completion.

Bit By Bit Sound’s Lawrenceville, GA based studio facilities are focused on high quality Audio Development and Production.

Sector Six is under attack, the Machines, massive automatic spaceships are destroying everything! No weapon can stop the Machines, the only hope is the Elder Mechanism, an ancient device of the mighty Almadi civilization, who colonized Sector Six a long time ago.




Smash the virus breakout

and save the world in this

throwback to brick smashing

arcade games of the past!

Virus Jigglin’ Fever – Available on Steam for ONLY $1.99! ONLY $1.99

Also available on


We’d love to work with you!

*A note about Audio Budgets: We understand how things can be. If your interested in working with us, but don’t think you can afford our services, please feel free to contact us anyway! We will do our best to work out an arrangement in which all parties benefit. If you are talented, creative, and passionate about your work, we’d LOVE to work with you!