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You’ve worked hard on your game, to make it the best it can be.

You’ve learned a ton of new skills in the process, and in various fields like coding, design, and art.

When starting on your game design journey, you knew it was going to be a LOT of work, but you had no idea just how many hurdles you would have to overcome.

But you did it! You put your mind to it, powered through, and began to develop something you are truly proud of.

There is just one glaring area that remains untouched.


You considered stock music briefly, but quickly dismissed the idea. You don’t like the idea of players hearing music in your game that they have heard elsewhere.

Your game is special! It deserves custom music!

In comparison to the other skills you’ve learned, music just feels so daunting. It is a completely different language.

Sure, maybe you played a little bit of music in school when you were a kid, or owned a guitar in high school, but you never actually did anything with it. And that was years ago!

“How can I possibly write music for an entire game, that actually sounds good?” You may wonder.

Rather than take on a whole new set of repsonsibilites (you’re wearing enough hats as it is already) you opt to hire a composer. After all, there are tons of young musicians out there looking to make their big break in the video game music world.

The only problem? Music gets expensive. Fast.

Composers often charge per minute of completed music, and their rates can range anywhere from $300 to $1200 per minute!

You understand this is justified. Writing music for games is completely different than writing pops songs, it comes with it’s own set of skills and challenges.

Plus, many composers have poured hours of their lives into their craft, and they have the equipment and skills to be able to produce high quality results.

But you are an indie developer. You don’t have funding. You’ve considered reaching out to a publisher, but you are hesitant considering the horror stories you have heard.

Your game is a passion project that you work on in your off time. You hope that it will free you from your 9 to 5 and your dream of becoming a full time game developer will come true.

At the moment however, it is just that. A dream.

Your passion is strong though! You have worked hard on your game, and you feel it really has potential to make a splash in the community.

You’ve recieved positive feedback from the few people you’ve shown the game to.

“The art really pops!”
“The gameplay looks really fun!”
“Can’t wait to see more of this!”

You’ve been building great momentum, and you’re determined to keep it going.

You are not giving up. Not now.

It’s inevitable. The next step is music.

Your mind is made up. Your game has to have custom music, whatever the cost.

If only life was like a video game, and you could easily go and grind for money by destroying monsters…

You have to be resonable though, and work within your means.

…What should you do?

I understand your struggle. Allow me to help.

You have figured out how the game should play and feel…let me help you figure out how the game should sound.

I understand the struggles you may be facing as a developer, because I was there once. I tried my hand at game development years ago.

However, being a musician at heart, I struggled with key areas of game design, such as programming and pixel art.

I knew what story I wanted to tell, but I didn’t have the skills to bring it to life through coding. I needed a professional in that field with the right skills to achieve my vision.

I opted instead to focus my skill points into composition, and I have been writing video game music for about 10 years now.

Now, after years of mastering my craft, I’m able to offer you a MASSIVE discount on my skills as a Composer!

After graduating from the Atlanta Institute of Music and working on music for nearly 20 games, I have developed a system and workflow for finding and refining a games sound.

What I can do for you:

• Help you define your games sound
• Write a Main Theme to serve as an anchor for the rest of the OST
• Create music that loops seamlessly and immerses your players
• Craft rewarding jingles that invoke a sense of accomplishment
• Refine any song until YOU are happy

Wondering what my music sounds like?

I’ve written music for a variety of game genres, including:

• RPGs
• Platformers
• Horror
• Side Scrolling Shooter
• Metroidvania
• Puzzle

I’m well versed in a variety of musical styles, such as:

• 8-Bit
• 16-Bit
• Orchestral
• Hard Rock/Metal
• Electronic
• Jazz
• Lo-Fi
• Latin

What People are saying about Bert…

“Working with Bert is easy, he works fast, and creates excellent OST that my players and I love! I’m so lucky to have him as a composer. The music is just so fitting and SO GOOD!”
Zuurix, Developer of Sector Six and Light of the Locked World

“I’m happy to recommend Bert Cole as a composer; a pleasure to communicate with and he delivered a tune for my game that fit the style far more than I imagined it would!“
Lucy Gross, Developer of FlatScare

Bert is an exceptionally hard working, industrious and collaboratively focused individual. All these traits shine in his compositions, which contain a wide range of styles and colors. But most importantly, they showcase a strong sense of melody and his love for gaming. I’d highly recommend him to any developer needing a great soundtrack.”
-Tyler Mire, game developer with Something Classic Games

“Bert is an exceptional composer, and I wholeheartedly recommend him. The tracks he made for us fit extremely well for our game, and he made two in one day’s time!”
Swapnil, Developer and Artist of Sonzai

My goal is to have your players humming tunes from your game to themselves. I want the music to pull them in so much that they can’t help but fantasize about your game all day. I want to create soundtracks so good that years from now, when your players stumble upon my music, waves of nostalgia hit them so hard that they scramble to play your game again.”
-Bert Cole, Video Game Composer and Founder of Bit By Bit Sound

I hope it is apparent from these testimonials how much I truly care about video game music. It has been a passion of mine for most of my life.

Your game deserves great music. It deserves it’s own soundtrack. That’s what I’m here to do!

For a limited time, I will create 5 CUSTOM SONGS
for your game for only $87.40 per song.

For full transparency, currently I charge $300 for songs under 2 minutes.

That is 70% OFF!!!

There is one catch however.

I can only offer this deal to 5 developers at this time.

I wish I could offer this to more of you at once, but I am only one person, so in order to deliver on this offer efficiently and effectively, I have to limit this offer to only 5 people.


Q: How long will the songs be?
A: This will vary from song to song, but in general my songs are between 1 and 2 minutes. If I write something slightly longer than 2 minutes, you will not be charged extra. (Unless the extra time is requested)

Q: Can I request songs be a certain length?
A: Absolutely! This is custom music after all. I’m more than happy to negotiate how the time is distributed. (e.g. requesting ten 30 second songs instead of five 1 minute songs, or two 2 ½ minute songs instead, etc.)

Q: What if I need more music after the fact?
A: I’m happy to negotiate extra time. The cost of this extra music will depend upon amount requested, complexity of the music, etc. I always do my best to work within a developers budget.

Q: What if I want to take advantage of this offer, but my game is not ready for music yet?
A: No problem! If you would like to reserve one of these spots, just place your order below, and let me know when you would like me to get started.

Q: What if I’m not happy with the music?
A: I’ll do it again! My goal is for you to be happy and enjoy the music you paid for. Your game deserves great music that you love to listen to, and that is what I am going to do.

Q: Who will own the rights to the music?
A: I will retain the rights to the music, however, you will be granted a license with exclusive association with your game. This means that I will be able to sell the music at a later date as part of a soundtrack. The music will not be licensed out to any other developer, and exclusively associated with your project.

Q: What happens after I purchase this offer?
A: I will contact you either by email or through discord, and we can begin to discuss exactly what it is you are looking for.

As I stated above, I normally charge $300 for songs under 2 minutes.

For 5 tracks, that is $1500 in value for only $437!

If you are a developer who needs custom music but are on a tight budget, this offer is made just for you.

Remember, there are only 5 spots available for this offer, so hurry before the deal is gone!

3 of 5 Spots Remaining!

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