I am a lifetime gamer dedicated to bringing you top quality sound for your gaming endeavors. With over ten years of experience in the music industry, I am well qualified to handle your sound design needs. I work with developers closely to ensure their vision sounds like it’s supposed to. I employ practices of unique Foley, intricate compositions, and well-polished engineering to provide you with the top sound design experience!

 Bert Cole – Composer / Graphic Designer

Bert Cole has been a gamer all his life. Some of his earliest memories are playing the NES and SNES with his sister and cousins. He didn’t realize it in his early age, but the compositions of greats such as Koji Kondo and Nobuo Uematsu (as well as many, many others) began to have an influence on him. Bert first took an interest in music at the age of 13, when his father bought him a drumset for Christmas. At 16, Bert began playing the guitar and writing music, performing in several bands while in high school. After graduating high school, Bert enrolled in the guitar program at the Atlanta Institute of Music. There he was trained in a variety of styles, including (but not limited to) Rock, Blues, Jazz, and Classical. Bert has since composed music for games, films, podcasts, bands, and even a guided meditation!